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What you didn’t know about Rudebwoy Ranking’s death

Rudebwoy Ranking, a Ghanaian reggae and dancehall musician whose full name is Mustapha Rahman, has passed away. 

The artist abruptly passed away early on April 24, 2023, at the Accra-based Ridge Hospital, where he had been brought for treatment, according to a report by

It was not immediately clear what ailment he had. The musician's family had not yet issued any statements to the media at the time of publication, but the music community was in sorrow and many people were posting images of him on social media.

According to several accounts, organ failure is one of the possible causes of his death.

As a result, we ought to take good care of ourselves. Listed below are a few reasons for organ failure.

When one or more organs in the body are unable to carry out their usual duties, organ failure develops. Organ failure can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

1. Infection: Infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi can result in sepsis or acute respiratory distress syndrome, which can cause organ failure.

2. Trauma: Serious physical wounds or burns, such as severe head trauma or crush injuries, can result in organ failure.

3. Chronic illnesses: Long-term organ failure can be brought on by chronic illnesses such diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, and lung failure.

4. Drug toxicity: Prolonged use of some medications can cause organ damage. over example, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause renal failure when used over an extended period of time.

5. Autoimmune conditions: When an autoimmune condition like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis develops, the body begins to attack its own organs, which can result in organ failure.

6. Genetic conditions: Genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia can result in organ failure, such as lung or kidney failure.

7. Poisoning: Organ failure can occur after exposure to hazardous substances including heavy metals, toxins, or medicines.

Although some organ failure reasons may not be prevented, there are a number of techniques to lower the risk of organ failure:

1. Keep your hands clean and wash them frequently to prevent infections that could result in organ failure.

2. Vaccinate yourself: Several illnesses that might cause organ failure can be prevented with vaccinations.

3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Eating a balanced diet, exercising frequently, and abstaining from smoking and excessive alcohol use can all help prevent chronic illnesses that can result in organ failure.

4. control chronic illnesses: If you have a chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease, engage with your healthcare professional to control the condition and stop further harm to your organs.

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