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If you leave me today, I will get some tomorrow - Shemimah 'teases' Ali after their breakup

Date Rush Season 5 is over but there are several brouhaha surrounding most of the relationships. Some are in a low key enjoying their relationship while others are bleeding and crying on social media. It was not long ago that Shemimah came on social media with tears telling Ghanaians that everything is over between her and Ali. She revealed how committed she was in the relationship and despite the love she showed to Ali, he did not appreciate it.

According to Shemimah, she tried her possible best to make the relationship work but Ali was giving her attitude. As she was busily snubbing a lot of men all because she was having Ali but other ladies were on the other hand sending her private messages to threaten her. With all the threats and other stuffs, she was coping and believing everything will be fine but it still didn't work.

With tears all over, Shemimah revealed she has regretted going to date rush to find love. She therefore announced to the general public that, their relationship is finally over. After doing that video, it seems Shemimah has pull herself together and gather the broken pieces. She was seen enjoying herself and dancing like no body business in a new video. In the video, she was dancing to a song that says, "if you leave me today, I will get some tomorrow". And in the post, she captioned it Ali it is over. Well, it is part of life because in relationship it is either you lose or gain.

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