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He Planted Diamond Worth 9 Billion On His Forehead Just To Have The Most Expensive Head on earth.

Rap industry has its own flow and rhythm of affairs. This time round, a youngster of has taken things to a whole different level after he rooted a jewel on his temple to be extraordinary. 

What many do on the planet for their sole purpose is sometimes the unthinkable. This energetic American rapper went to a certain stretch of doing the unbelievable. 

Just to have the most costly "human head" on the planet, he had himself planted himself with diamond worth of 9 Billion.

What is the world evolving into? An enormous heap of things continue happening particularly in the music industry. Some of these performers pave their ways through just to be appreciated. They go through thick and thin to gain millions and billions of things.

They are known to show luxurious vehicles, pearls, singular lavishness planes, extravagant watches, and different rich things. Regardless, it is difficult to see a performer embed a ten-carat jewel into his brow. 

His stage name is Lil Uzi Vert. His ensured name is Symere Basil Woods. He is a skilled worker, and lyricist. He is sighted by the tattoos on his face, penetrations or what one would call piercings, stylish hair and dubious style.

The important stone is announced to be worth around 24 million dollars, which is more than 9 billion in Naira. 

As of now, he erased a tweet as the rapper shared a photograph that showed blood oozing from his planted 24 million dollars pink jewel. 

His fans showered acknowledgments at him for what he did, at any rate others respected his choice of planting the significant stone so unbelievable.

Assumming you are one of his fans? What is your take? Would you have the choice to spend a particularly preposterous add up to embed a valuable stone on your safe-haven?

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