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Divorce Affair

My lady is cheating on me but she pays my rent, bills and gives me GHC 5000 monthly buts I am dying

Alot of things are happening this days that when you hear of it you think is a lie but it is actually happening.

When I meet her we were in our final year in high school and we fell in love with each other, she was really amazing and beautiful but after school we got separated from each other for some time due to distance but communication was frequent.

After a year of completing high school she started the University and I was still home hustling to save money for school.

When she got to level 300 I also got admitted in another public university and she was really happy for me, on weekends she will come over since her school is 2 hours drive from mine.

Now here's the thing I recently found out that she's cheating on with a sugar daddy and her own course mate in her school, I really want to give her back her money and walk away, due my background am careful with money and people so I didn't spend any of the monthly money gave it currently in the bank.

I once talked about break up and all she said is I can she but I shouldn't let her catch me and if am thinking of breaking up with then I should be prepared that she will take her own life because of me, now am really scared.

On her frequent visit she started complaining about how there's no privacy so I shouldn't share room with any roommates invade she comes over, well I told her point blank that I don't have money to have a single apartment and after I end my sentence she gave me 5000 cedis to get a one room self contained with immediate effect, well I did and from there she has been giving me 5000 cedis every month and she pays the bills without me asking.

But recently got suspicious of her and did my due diligence to investigate, tho she sponsor me she's cheating on me, I confronted her and all she said is I can also cheat but she should not catch me but whatever that I we will get married or she will take her own life because she has invested soo much in me, but all the money she ever gave is at the bank , should I give it back and walk away?

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