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[Videos] We Will Bring You Down, Don’t Be Arrogant - Hammer To Wode Maya, A Talented Young YouTuber

Wode Maya is a young brilliant YouTuber who is making waves with his excellent interviews across the African continent. He has huge subscribers on YouTube.

Hammer is an Ace Music Producer who has produced hit songs in the country. He has been the producer behind Obrafour’s Paemuka Album. He produced artist like Kwame Kese, Edem and the likes.

On Jessica Opare’s YouTube channel she interviewed Wode Maya and the young YouTuber made some unpalatable statements that has caught the eyes of Hammer.

He said that our musician do not own their YouTube channels and that these channels are managed by some other companies who are making monies of the sweet of these artist.

This comments were not so pleasant to the ears of Hammer. He jumped onto Facebook to express his disappointment in the comments of the YouTuber. He said that there is nothing wrong in allowing another company to manage the YouTube channels of our musicians. He stated that this has been a practice for a long time.

Hammer told Wode Maya to sit down and learn and not be arrogant. He said the likes of him have suffered for the music industry and that Wode Maya shouldn’t try insulting their hard work.

He said that they will shut or bring down Wode Maya if he does not stop being arrogant and making loose comments.

Watch the Videos Below:

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