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[VIDEO] The tribe in South Sudan that bath with cow urine

African is known as a continent rich in minerals and also beautiful different culture displays. But the current culture discovered in Africa is one which everyone must see. A documentary made by WODE MAYA about a tribe in South Sudan is amazing.

South Sudan, is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa. But the Mundari tribe of South Sudan has a special type of culture. The Mundari tribe are mostly known for rearing cattle; to them the cows are their only source of monetary transaction.

So unlike other part of the world where money is our legal tender for buying and selling, the Mundari tribe uses cows. In the the Mundari tribe, every male child is given one cow as part of their tradition. But the women don't own cows because women bring in more cows to the family.

Unlike other cultures where a man goes to ask of the woman's hand in marriage, with the Mundaris it's a different process all together. When a man sees a woman and he wants to marry her, he don't have any right to go to the woman's family other wise he will be beaten by the brothers of the woman.

So instead the man and the woman arrange a day for the woman to come and stay with the man without the knowledge of her family. Then after which they send someone to go and inform the woman's family that their daughter has moved to her husbands house. Then the family will now go and take cows from the mans family. It can be 70,80 or 100 cows and the marriage is sealed.

And for a man to be seen as responsible by the Mundari women, he has to go through some beautifying stages. Where the man would have to wash his hair with the urine of the cow and a reddish type of sand is applied in it till it becomes curly. And they are not allowed for the hair to come into contact with water. That is what attract more women in the Mundari tribe.

They also bath the urine of the cow if the is no water available for them to use.

Watch the full documentary here:

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