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Judge Dzibordi Aden? Sarfoa Did an Excellent and Eloquent Work: She Will Win GMB 2021.

There is no way one can argue that Sarfoa is eloquent and indescribably phenomenal. All her performances are exquisite and excellent. She also has great command over the Queen’s Language- English. This Sunday, she represented the people of the Kenyans in her performance. She eloquently described the language, food beautiful landscape and the great personality the nation has produced- Barrack Obama. She did all that in a spectacular outfit, decent in state and bright in appearance.

Although Judge Dzibordi was finding every tiny spot of error about her performance, she couldn’t get any reasonable one to place her hands on. Because Sarfoa was able to explain her points and even switch accents and tones as she delivers her performance. There are no two ways about her strong command over what she has prepared for. Besides, judge Dzibordi is not a native of Kenya and so is Sarfoa, so there was no need to drag the beautiful lady’s performance in the gutters. Well, for some of us, she didn’t succeed in her bias critics.

Sarfoa represents the Ashanti region in the competition and I understand that people vote per the regions they reside in. But I beseech all to ignore that notion and vote for the deserving. I mean, quality tops all. 

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