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The freedom and Justice movie is Timeless says Actress Kafui Danku

Freedom and Justice ..the most anticipated Ghanaian movie of all time is said to premiere on the 25th of December hence the official Christmas movie.

Below are some of the reactions the movie got after the producer,actor, director Kafui Danku posted it on her Instagram.Although the reaction of the general public was positive,some shared in the comments that the movie should have been premiered before the elections for Ghanaians to have a better understanding of the message....and this is what the actress Kafui Danku had to say

Personally I strongly believe that this movie is going to be Timeless as the actress rightfully said.

It is directed and produced by Actress Kafui Danku and Kobi rana who happens to also be the writer...

This movie could not have come at the right time with all the election controversies ...with veteran actors like David Dontor, Kofi Adjololo,Grace Omaabo etc. Not forgetting the beautiful Kafui Danku herself as the vice president of Ghana and Kobi Rana as the outraged citizen in disagreement with some of the ghanaian policies,Clemento Suarez and Ntimnation of kejetia verses Makola fame serving us with some form of comedy and many other popular actors.

This political genre of movie is not really popular in Ghana and for the producer's to actually make this movie is really amazing and impressive.

These are the kind of movies our movie makers should be producing.

Do not miss out on this game changing movie because there will be thriller,drama, comedy,and most importantly... expect to be educated and well informed of our Government and some policies by the end of the movie

Question is.... Will you join me watch this masterpiece or Not....let me know in the comments below and follow me for more articles like this

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