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VIDEO: Two Ladies Fight Over Money Till They Fell Into A Dirty Gutter In Public

Greetings to all my all my readers and it another day with another trending news and I'm here to update my readers. This trending news is about two ladies fighting over money till they fall into a dirty gutter.

Two unknown ladies seems to be in the mood of entertainment social media users as they fight till they both dirty themselves in a dirty gutter close to them.

In a short fast trending video, this two ladies were seen arguing over a money they were given by a man but seems one try to cheat the other which made fought till one win the money.

The lady who was in the black tube dress made the first punch and as the other lady don't want to be disgraced in public, she didn't hesitate to retaliate with a punch as they both end up in the dirty gutter which was very close to where they were fighting.


There are so many comment here and there as some are saying they should be arrested for disgracing each other because of small amount.

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