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Why Cristiano Ronaldo Dumped Irina Shayk. His Ex Girlfriend.

Hi there.I hope you had a great week.Enjoy your weekend with this hidden fact am revealing to you today.Why did Cristiano Ronaldo dumped Irina shayk?

Cristiano Ronaldo as we all know is one of the most handsome men on the planet which gave him the pace to date most of the beautiful women on the planet until he got Georgina.

Irina shayk is a Russian model who is known to be the most famous ex of Cristiano Ronaldo.Did she cheat on Cristiano Ronaldo?

During the early years of last decade.Cristiano and the Irina shayk fell in love.They couldn't hide their dating scenes so it become popular both in and outside the football world.They became one of the best celebrity couples who dated for long at that time.They made everyone knew they were obviously going to get married because anywhere you find Cristiano Ronaldo,you will see Irina shayk together with him.

Everyone was literally waiting to here their marriage date until it ended up in tears in 2017.

Who cheated on the other partner?

During that time,it is believed that, Cristiano Ronaldo was surprising his mum on her birthday so he invited all his loved ones to come and help him celebrate with his mum.He couldn't take Irina shayk out because she is his girlfriend so he invited her too.Unfortunetly,she couldn't make it to the birthday party and it was also believed that,she had no excuse,she just disrespected Cristiano's mother,Maria Dolorus.We Know Ronaldo to be a family man so he just couldn't have the nerves to forgive Irina shayk.

"What I look for in a man is honesty.i like men who are loyal to their girlfriends.i think it's a man's most important quality." This was what Irina shayk said about Ronaldo during her press conference in 2016.

She was really hurted when Ronaldo dumped her.One of Irina shayk close friends said this during that time."She was completely shocked and devasted.she left immediately and spent the new years Eve on her own,crying in an airport before we left for Maldives.Where she spent her birthday alone.she had to face up to the fact.After having spent some time thinking long and hard,she felt that she couldn't ignore the signs."

We all thought she was the bereaved woman on the planet until she was spotted with an American actor,Bradley Cooper who's her husband now.

Georgina was so lucky because she also caught the attention of the football living legend,Cristiano Ronaldo.

With this story,it means in a relationship we need to have patience and we also need to be cautious of who we give our time and heart to else we might also get dumped in the long run.

Who should be blamed for this break up.Ronaldo or Irina shayk?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.Thank you for reading.Have a wonderful weekend.As always"we see differently"

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