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I am ready to date any Celebrity who will be ready to accept my past life because nobody is perfect

Super talented actress, business woman and musician, Queen Peezy (Lady Blue), was formerly the one corner hit maker's girlfriend until Patapaa's German girlfriend came into the picture. It was recorded that in the earlier part of this year, Patapaa married his German girlfriend which became the talk of time for almost a month. 

Queen Peezy even planned of stopping the wedding to prove that she's still in love with the musician but upon a second look, she declined and rather took to social media to lament on the whole issue of disappointment in the relationship. 

In an interview with AB General on Entertainment Wahala, which is aired on Fridays on Atinka TV, she made a revelation of the only condition which will let her agree to date another Celebrity regardless of her bitter experience with the one corner hitmaker, Patapaa.

"People who don't know Patapaa closely will speak ill of him. I have been around him a long time and have come to know that he is a very nice person. This guy is kind, friendly and good in bed and that's why I couldn't get over him but now I have no choice than to accept the situation at hand and move on."

"I used to cry a lot because Patapaa left me for another but when I met Veteran musician, Sony Achiba, he encouraged me to move on regardless. He opened a shop for me and took me to the studio to start recording as a musician because he believed that I can turn my break up and disappointment into positivity.

However, I have no regrets for dating Patapaa because it was through the break up that something relevant has come out."

"Therefore, I wouldn't mind dating any other Celebrity in Ghana if only the person will be ready to accept my past mistakes because no one is perfect. And in fact, I wouldn't mind if the person is a sugar daddy, he can still come my way."

"Some people would want to judge or criticize you because of your past life. So getting a matured person who understands my past and respect my now will fit in the space of my dream guy," she confessed.

In fact there are relationship partners who often use the past of their partners against them. This makes the other unable to recover from his or her past relationship because of the troubles their current relationship has been giving them. Therefore, do you agree with Queen Peezy on the only reason why she will agree to date a celebrity if only the person will not use her past against her or you would advice her to go for a partner who is not famous or in the limelight?

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