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Facts You Never Heard About Ed Sheeran - Ed's Story

This Man Began Singing And Playing Guitar At The Age Of 4.

His Parents Didn't Want Him To Watch Too Much Tv.

He Was Banned From Playing Video Games.

But He Had A Lot Of Books About Art.

He Didn't Enjoy School And Was Bullied At The Age Of 15.

A Year Later, He Decided To Quit School And Follow His Dreams Of Making It In The Music Industry.

Now Things Didn't Go As Planned.

He Ended Up Homeless, Sleeping Often On Trains Just To Get By.

This Lasted Around 3 Years Where He Had Now Here To Live.

He Spent Multiple Nights And Days Performing To Small Groups, Often Without Even Eating.

To His Surprise, Some Of His Tracks Went Viral On iTunes, Even Reaching #2 Spot On The iTunes Chart.

By The End Of The Year, His Album Had Sold 801,000 Copies, Making It The 8th Bestselling Album Of The Year.

His Lastest Song Was One Of The Most Listened To Worldwide.

His Name?

*Ed Sheeran*

Today He's Mentored By Elton John,

Paul McCartney Says He's A Fan.

He's Written Songs For Taylor Swift, One Direction, And Many More....

Ed's Story Teaches Us That There's No Such Thing As An Overnight Success.

He Was Shocked And Surprised When His Album Went Viral Online.

But When You Look At The Struggle Before That, You See The Pain He Had To Go Through.

Often We Only View People's Success, As What We See In Their High Light Reel.

And We Forget What They Had To Go Through To Get That Stage.

And That's Why The Next Time You See Someone That You Think Is Successful, Don't Focus On What They Are Doing Now, Focus On What They Did To Get There.


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Ed Sheeran


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