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Meet The Most Beautiful Dwarf Twins On Planet Earth

Meet the Celebrity Dwarf Twins Trending on Instagram, Amanda and Andrea Salina and they've been dubbed the most beautiful dwarf twins on the planet earth.

Dwarfism has been a well known medical condition that prevents the bones and some organs in the body to have normal growth. It affects growth, so much that an adult may have the heights of a kid.

It doesn't necessarily imply that the one affected by Dwarfism will not live a meaningful life and achieve whatever maybe his or her dreams.

It is often believed that the dwarfs are not pretty and charmy, but if you've had the chance to look at Amanda and Andrea Salinas, that notion will be a thing of the past because those are extremely beautiful for persons of their heights.

These two twins are popular on social media and they are not shy to show their gorgeous look on Instagram and their perfectly shaped figures have become sensations on social media.

Unsurprisingly, the twins are modeling for a fashion design company that specializes on dwarf fashions.

They are gorgeous, aren't they?

Even their height would not deny them of their beauty as many have described them as being wonderfully beautiful, and well shaped.

Though dwarfism has no cure, surgery treatment will help to stabilize and correct the shape of the spine to avoid common complications. 

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