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How Batman laughs got Dr. Manhattan's powers.

He is Batman, however he is deeply insane and lacks morals. Basically, Joker with all of Batman’s skills. He is Batman’s true dark reflection from the Dark Multiverse (itself). Even the joker hates him. He has tech and weapons that can harm the JLA. In his universe, he killed them all.

Now he has the powers of Dr. Manhattan.He obtained this power by finding an Earth in the Dark Multiverse, with a Bruce Wayne that underwent the same process as Dr Manhattan.

Before, that Batman could became aware of himself and access his full power. The Batman Who Laughs destroyed his mind by lobotomizing him and transferred his brain into that body, becoming The Darkest Knight from the Dark Multiverse.

Now he has the powers of Dr. Manhattan. He claims if he takes Wally west’s energy, that the OG Dr Manhattan gave him by accident. He says he will be stronger than Perpetua. A multiverse maker.

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