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Date Rush: Ruby is another word that defines and quantify 'Broken Heart' - Fan trolls

Social media is one platform that makes every show interesting to watch. Date Rush has warmed the hearts of thousand Ghanaians as they go on social media to stream, comment and make fun. Season 5 episode 5 can never come to an end without getting people to come on social media and comment.

Ruby of Season 4

There was a lady with the name Ruby who represented on the show but went home empty handed. This is because all the guys off their lights for her for the reasons best known to them. For the first time on the show, Ruby is the only lady to get total blackout.

Ruby of season 5

This triggered netizens to add their voices to it. One user with the name HazardJnr has made a very funny comment after Ruby encountered total blackout. According to him, Ruby is another word that defines and quantify broken heart. Though the comment is funny but he said that because of the first Ruby in season 4 who also suffered broken heart. She had a date but along the line, it didn't go down well.

She explained how her guy treated her after she gave her all in the relationship. The name of her date was 'powder guy'. Their issue became a trend on social media due to how she narrated her story. So two Ruby on the show have gone through heartbreaks in two different scenarios. That was the able Hazard was coming from.

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Ghanaians Ruby


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