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Johnny Hughes Discloses: This Is How Much The Country Spent In Fighting Galamsey

"Galamsey" is a term used to describe illegal mining activities in the country. In Ghana, the law frowns on illegal mining activities due to their negative effects on the environment or human life.

TV3's broadcast journalist Johnnie Hughes has been some wild revelations about how galamsey is affecting the country.

He explained that the country has spent huge monies to fight against galamsey even though that amount could have been used as the IMF loan that the country is borrowing.

" In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty. We waste a lot of money and we look for IMF loans. Did you know that we spent GHS5million to fight galamsey? "

"It is interesting to note that, after destroying the farms and trees, we spent GHS12million to plant trees".

He further explained that the country is not winning the fight against galamsey because those who are supposed to fight it are rather facilitating legal mining activities.

According to Johnnie Hughes, there are machines used for galanin inn in these mining areas known as "cheng Feng".

He explained that the machine is assembled right here in Ghana and those who are to fight the galamsey are busily promoting the illegal mining activity.

"Why are we pretending to fight against galamsey? Why should some District Chief Executives be promoting galamsey behind the scenes and then would publicly pretend to fight against it?"

" We are polluting the water bodies with mercury and cyanide. Do we want to start importing water into the country?"

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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