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Ernest Poku Finally Reacts To Tracey Boakye, Gloria Kani And Brother Sammy's Fight

Ernest Opoku was asked about the Papano saga since all the parties involved are his friends.

Tracey Boakye, Kani Gloria and Brother Sammy are all his friends. So he he was asked of his thought about all that have happened.

"Me I can't say anything about what is going on because you and I were not there. So whether it is true or not, its up to them to deal with it.

"But all that we want is for peace to prevail over the noise that is going on right now.

He was asked if he cannot call Tracey Boakye or the other parties involved and advise them.

He said he cannot advise anybody how to live their lives but one thing they should know is that whatever they think they have (houses, cars and businesses) will be left behind one day. "Because it appointed unto man once to die and after that there is judgment.

"It is time we shun the things of the world and seek after God because that is what will help us and secure a place for us in heaven.

Ernest Opoku was asked if he belong to any political party in Ghana since that is what is trending in Kumasi right now, where actors and actresses are joining different political parties of their choice.

"I don't belong to any political party but anyone of them whether ndc or npp whoever will need my services should come because all that I am interested in is my money. That's all" Ernest Opoku concluded.

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