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Please Hide My Identify: Persons who need help include this to their letters to Kafui Danku.

Kafui Danku is a very renowned Ghanaian actress and even beyond.

She has starred in more than 90 movies and she is still on the go.

For about couple of months now Kafui Danku have been posting letters of persons who are going through some challenges and probably need permanent solutions to their problems.

Apparently some of the problems people normally write to Kafui Danku about are marital problems, looking for a lady to marry, wanting to put an end undesirable character and what have you.

In so doing Kafui Danku also post the letters been sent to her by these persons on her social media platforms including Facebook.

Kafui Danku post these letters on her social media handlings to also solicit for more ideas from her Facebook friends as there is always a saying that two heads are better than one.

Let us figure out some of the letters Kafui Danku have been posting on her social media platforms - being sent to her persons with problems who needs solutions.

These and many more are some of the letters some people who are facing some challenges in life send to Kafui Danku.

In this life it is absolutely right for one to confide in others to provide a suitable solutions to their problems should the problems become too much to bear alone.

Do not keep some problems to yourself alone because a problem shared is half solved.

A big congratulations to Kafui Danku for always being there for people with problems to confidently confiding in her and also letting people from all walks of life to share views.

Content created and supplied by: Scarletbuggarti (via Opera News )

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