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Men; If You Go on your Knees, Pray You Don’t Marry Women Who Insults "Basa Basaa" Like Afia Schwar.

The recent battle between Aisha Modi and Afia Schwarzenegger has left many in awe. Nobody knows what the next dire action any party will take is. The genesis of their battle is pretty complicated as they have not really stated the exact cause.

But Folkxhub gathers that the duo star initiated their feud after Aisha Modi decided to descend on the pastor and the church that was treating Moesha. She didn’t understand why they would be reckless and appear to be taking advantage of the mentally challenged lady.

The attack against the Christians didn’t sit well with Afia Schwarzenegger. Since then, Afia has been throwing tantrums and subtle insults at the camp of Aisha Modi. This made Aisha retaliate and now this is where we are. The kind of insults that have come out of their mouths will make you wonder if they are ladies. This is wrong on many levels and moral standards.

But the question is: do their feud and spats worth it? Which of those actions help Moesha? Which of the actions make Moesha much better? They are practically building their relevance in the system, clearly taking advantage of their friend- Moesha.

Men should be careful who they find as wives. Peace of mind is better than riches and others. These women, with such insult-filled attitudes, can’t guarantee you that peace of mind. Their mission is clearly preposterous and they only express their rage at any slightest time.

This battle is needless and a nonstarter.




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