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Fufu Vrs Konkonte: Ghanaians Decided Which One is The Realest

Multimedia radio station Joy 99.7 FM using its Twitter page has asked users an interesting question this morning. The wanted to find out from Ghanaians, between Fufu and Konkonte, which one was the best. They asked "Fufu Vrs Konkonte: Which one is the overall MVP? Which one wears the crown? Join the conversation on-air via hashtag? #JoySMS"

The two Ghanaian staple are very popular with Konkonte also called "Face the Wall". While both foods have its lovers, it's a hard choce for many when it comes to which is the best among the two.

Many called the radio station to express the views on which was the better meal while others called tweeted their answers. One person described Konkonte as "Chris Brown" because of it's brownish look and went further to say it has gone international.

Another person also said "there is a big difference between a Lamborghini and a troski ok. Don't compare Fufu to kokonte. Such disrespect to the Fufu family. A decorated Corolla will never be a Ferrari".

Below are some images of the answers and reasons people gave for their answers.

You've seen the question. You you've seen the views. Now what is your take. Who wins the crown between Fufu and Konkonte. Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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