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Sad Truth: The Mentality Of Some Young Ghana Girls These Days

They want to show virtual friends that they live well, but they have nothing, nothing in reality. They make their bodies available to boys because they tell themselves that with him she will have a good latest generation phone to show off to their girlfriends and show off. With him she will go to fancy places, take pictures and then fill her gallery on social networks.

In addition, they give their bodies to boys just because they are followed on social media, which prompts them to post pictures in some fancy places. They have a motto: "better to be envied than pity".

They prefer married men who use them for sex than single men who want to build a future with them. They like to be dropped off by car to be noticed by those around them instead of following a pedestrian who talks to them about the future.

That's all, without ambition they live a pathetic life. To make matters worse, they are passionate about luxury cars and material things.

They live a heavenly life on social networks but in reality they lead a miserable life. And good girls who know nothing about the life they lead take them as role models.

Their daily life: they are looking for new suitors because without claiming no change. Added to this is laziness, because they do not know how to do anything with their ten fingers, they rely on their friends or their suitors.

They are unconscious like a fish jumping on a hook. At the end of their messing up with different men, we see them with children without fathers. Worse, they have the audacity to join the family home to still live there. It's serious!

They skip the lessons that parents paid to respond to invitations from guys, it's the good life that begins, pool instant, photo selfie and all! In short, they live in the pockets of men who use them as their dolls instead of worrying about their future. It's sad!

Dear brothers and sisters of Ghana, if you have a sister to indulging in this same act, tell her to slow it down, fun is good, but it is even better to prepare for your long-term future.

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