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Pregnancy period

The Saga Of The Married Beautiful Takoradi Twin Continues

Josephine Panyin has been in the news for the wrong reasons for some time now.First, there was pregnancy and kidnapping then there was no pregnancy but just a simple desire to get her husbands attention and make him happy

A lot of people have expressed varied opinions on the issue. A lot of people also find the whole story fishy questioning how the man could not have discovered that the pregnancy was fake since they were both sleeping on the same bed every day.But according to sources she was pregnant for the first four months when she lost the baby. If it really true that she was pregnant for the first four months then it could have been possible for her to hide fake pregnancy from her husband but then again it also depends largely on the type of husband the man is

Whatever the case may be I am glad and grateful to God that it was not really what most of us thought from the beginning. I am sure most people will agree that the world is better off with good deeds

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Josephine Panyin Takoradi


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