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Funny: The Guy Broke Her Heart And Mended It Again


Dating or having a premarital relationship is a very serious issue because it can end up building you up positively or bringing you down significantly in a negative manner.

This is a story of some two youngsters in a relationship. The name of the guy was John amd that of the lady was Esi. They are so much in love with each so much so that they literally talk or chat every within every 30 minutes after their last conversation everyday.

One day, John called Esi and said, "Hello sweetheart, please can you send me some 0.5K through this number (...) for some serious business somewhere in a matter of minutes?"

Esi replied, "Okay honey, anything for you." Esi then sent John the money through the number he gave her. To verify that the money has been successfully delivered, she decided to call the number to which she sent the money.

The call was picked and to the greatest shock of her life, it was the beautiful voice of another lady. 'Hello please who's this'? She said with jealousy in her voice. 'Hello I am Lucy, I please 'we' received the money, thank you so much. I asked John to give me money for Pizza and he said he has no money. That was why he called you for some money.'

Esi couldn't hold her tears. She hanged up the call and started weeping and crying. Her heart has been broken. She has lost it all: the love of her life, her money and all the good things and time they shared together.

However, while she was still weeping and sad, John came to the room together with her (Esi's) friends with plenty Pizza. And John, knowing what she did in the room after the call, said, "Hi sweetheart, don't cry baby, you're my only true love. Thanks for shedding tears for my sake. Come on and eat some of the Pizza together with your friends. Lovee youuuu"

He added, "Lucy, the one lady you sent the money to, was the seller of the Pizza. You will speak with Joyce too very soon and cry." Hahahaha

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