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Black Don’t Crack: See Lovely Pictures Of A 50 years Old Woman Who Looks Like A 20 Year Old Lady

This is a surprising story of a woman who claims to be 50years old but looks like a 20 year old lady. Below are brief facts about Saida Ramirez because there is not much information about her on the internet.

The adage ‘black don’t crack’, runs very true for one woman, Saida Ramirez, who shocked the internet after she revealed her age.

‌Hold on to your hats for this! Saida Ramirez revealed that she’s 50 years old (cue hysterical laugh of disbelief! ), yeah you heard that right!

She is a Spanish lady who is originally from Honduras and immigrated to America at the age of 21 after growing up in extreme poverty and continues to support her family as started by her daughter Avila.

Her youthful looks definitely turned beads and before long, people demanded to know if she was really the one in the photos.

Saida Ramirez confirmed that she was indeed the woman in the photo and celebrated her birthday with her family

Saida is a mother of three, and she's been expressing her gratitude ever since she went viral. A credible source hinted that the 50-year-old is excited and thankful for the sweet messages from her newly acquired followers.

In another post, Saida Ramirez wrote; Not only am I looking good at 50, but I am raising future businesswomen, my 2 oldest daughters are getting started on their endeavors so feel free to check them out.

See Lovely pictures of Saida Ramirez and her beautiful daughters below;

Saida Ramirez

Oldest daughter.



Besides reposting a few of the viral posts, Ramirez has been relatively quiet since her photos blew up. ‌Some went as far as demanding proof, if it was really her in the photos and she had to post her social security card and cover her identity number.

She doesn’t even have a single wrinkle on her skin and neither does she look a day over 30! We hope that's because she's already working on her first line of skincare products.

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