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"Let her be ": Anita Akuffo Creates Arguments Among Fans After Her Recent Conduct

There comes a time when people who know you for your standards and composure are taken aback when you let loose a little. Some people have a well-composed front they show to the public but in the privacy of their circle, they can tend to be very entertaining and free-spirited. This could be because there is a time for everything. A time to put on the serious approach, and a time to let loose and be entertained. Thanks to the talent show organized by Tv3, we got to see the fun and exciting side of our calm and poised television presenters.

This is where we see Giovanni exhibit at what he is good at, which is entertainment and even Roland Walker, sitting close by Giovanni, laughing their hearts out. We also see sports presenter Thierry Nyan and Chrystal, also show us what they are good at. Anita Akuffo was not left out as she came prepared and mimicked Twene Jonas, a very controversial social media influencer. 

There seems to be a misunderstanding among followers of Anita Akuffo as some have expressed disappointment in her ability to mimick the young man who they describe as one “who shows no respect to elders". They validate their argument with the fact that there are many she could have represented, many who are of good manners like herself and are therefore unhappy she chose Twene Jonas. Many have countered these arguments, saying that the actions of these same elders, allow themselves to be disrespected and so Anita Akuffo should be left alone since she did no wrong and was only exhibiting a talent.

But as said earlier, there is a time to be serious and a time to have fun. This was definitely a time for fun and games and she did her best, a fun side many did not even know she had. 

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