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Funny Face: “Children’s President” with Naked Girl as Profile Image, is this Fit for Children?

Every brand in this world has its niche and market target. There is no doubt that Funny Face has crafted an excellent art for children to love him. That is why he calls himself ‘Children’s President.” There is no doubt about that. He has their attention and I remember before his marriage brouhahas and recent Coronavirus restrictions, Funny Face used to gather hundreds of thousands of children at Children’s park to play with them.

Well, fast forward, there have been many things that have happened to the comedian. He had a fierce fight with his colleague comedians and that was about his marriage and the wife’s incessant cheating on him. Apparently, he lost the presence of his twins in his house because his baby mama took them away to Kumasi. This move depressed the comedian.

And within that moment, he has sustained police cell times, beatings, car accidents and many other unfortunate incidents that the enemy wouldn’t even wish for his fellow. It was just unfortunate.

However, in the midst of all these, there is no doubt that the niche he has created and the aura of Funny Face is filled with children. Therefore, it is very improper for the comedian to put a half-naked woman on his profile on Instagram. As you perhaps know, children are on vacation and there are higher chances that they could try to visit the page of their hero- Funny Face. When they open his account and see a naked woman there, how would that affect the thinking of the young minds?

This is very imperative because children have tender minds and they don’t have the ability to intellectually decipher and comprehend the abstract feelings they could derive from seeing that image. That is why even in the movies that we watch, there is Parental Guidance (PG) to keep children away because there is nude and/or violence in the movie. It is not for nothing that we have that disclaimer.

Yes! I understand Funny Face has unremitting love for giant backsides and outrageous hips and I also know that even started his whole marriage drama, but there should be a straight line between work and pleasure. It is only hazardous to mix business with pleasure. He is the “Children’s President” and we respect that, but it should reflect in his brand. Again, if there is every need for him to book more sessions with a counsellor, it will be beneficial because it will save him and that of his brand a lot. His recent accident on the Kumasi-Accra Highway, Bonsu Junction leaves me in dismay. For him to hit a clear pavement in the middle of the road leaves much to be desired.


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