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After telling me he lives in a mansion in kumasi, this is what I found after I traced him. (Fiction)

It has consistently been a secret to me why individuals appreciate carrying on with counterfeit lives, there has never been hurt carrying on with an honest life acting naturally is all that you can provide for anybody you care such a huge amount about, notwithstanding, anything that start with lies doesn't used to look good for the liar, when you use lie to begin something you need to search for additional deceives back it up which at the since quite a while ago run you may run out of untruths. 

This is extremely basic in men when they need to get on a woman, they feed her with every one of the lies on the planet, they will cause her to accept they are the most extravagant individuals on the planet all with the sole point of standing out enough to be noticed which after they do and get what they need they will presently dump the woman.

Please my fellow ladies be very careful oh, shine your eyes well, investigate your man the best you can so you don't end up in one chance. Let me share with you my little story that might inspire you the mother and give you tips on how to go about it. 

Of course, I met this youthful, cool and attractive person, from the manner in which he shows up and the manner in which he talks, I bet you he is each lady's fantasy. Thus young man is quite handsome, he approached me and before I know I was already carried away by some deep feelings for him, may be because of how he fed me with his fake life story. 

Whenever we are together, he substance me of how well his business is getting along, the stunning thing was he dressed and look all that he is saying, I wouldn't mislead you however by then, I succumbed to every one of his falsehoods cause it sounds so genuine. 

Sooner or later, I. Started to feel something isn't adding up, we've been dating for near a half year, however he never welcomed or took me to this house he generally discusses in Kumasi, rather he will consistently grumble he is occupied and that I should meet or hang tight for him at his companions place. 

This is the only way we meet for the past six months we've been dating. Sometimes if I should go to his friends place to wait for him, his friend will tell me that he just called him that he is busy and couldn't make but request that his friend should go see him at work.

From the start, I was falling so well for it, yet one dependable day, I went to his companions spot and his companion took care of me with a similar story of him being occupied and that he requested that he proceed to meet him at work. I did as though I have gone, yet I was waiting near. 

His companion bolted his home and boarded a trotro which I did same on another trotro going to a similar bearing as him, we drove until he paused and stroll into one compound. 

I followed this gentle man without him knowing I was behind him, he knocked the door of my “supposed boyfriend” and peeping from a distance I saw my guy came out of this decapitated one room building, his friend walk in and after he shut the door I came and knocked as well, immediately he opened and saw me he tried to bang the door back but I held and pushed it. 

My sister's, what I saw my eyes couldn't trust it gracious. My mogul sweetheart was really living in a droop, what puzzles me more than anything else was the unkept idea of the room, extremely appalling and bothering. 

Thus, please women, SHINE YOUR EYES. 

Content created and supplied by: Gr8Maro (via Opera News )


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