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Race for supremacy: List of the top 10 most liked celebrity post on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform now owned by Facebook, it has been in the system not long but the presence of people on the platform is insanely huge. Instagram is a social media mainly for celebrities across the world, but non-celebrities intend to also join the fan of entertainment. Instagram has once again released the list of the most viewed and liked Instagram post in the world. Football fans are hoping to see the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and that of Neymar topping the list, but let's find out is they do. The race of supremacy on social media is finally answered by these posts, Below are the list of the most viewed and liked post on Instagram.

10. Billie Eilish - Photo with blonde hair dated March 21, 2015 (18.6m)

9. Ariana Grande - Photos from her Weeding with Dalton Gomez dated, May 26, 2021 (18.6m)

8. Chadwick Boseman - Family announcement of his death dated, August 28th, 2020 (19.3m)

7. Cristiano Ronaldo - Post in remembrance of Diego Maradona dated, November 25th, 2020 (19.8m)

6. Lionel Messi- Copa America throphy dated, July 11th, 2021 (20.1m likes) Just took the crown from Cristiano Ronaldo this this insane post as the most liked sportsman in history.

5. Billie Eilish - Photo of her dressed in Vogue dated, May 2021 (22m likes)

4. Billie Eilish - Reveal of her blond her dated, March 2021 (23.1m likes)

3. XXXTentacion - Late post before he died dated, May 2018 (25.4m likes)

2. Ariana Grande - Photos from her Weeding dated, May 2021 (26.7m likes)

1. Chris Godfrey - Photo of an egg dated, January 2019 (55.2m likes)

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