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“Pray For Moesha Budoung, Her soul Has Been Exchanged For Death”- Adu Safowaah.

Moesha Budoung is really making a name for herself off late on the internet. She started all the way from her description for “slay queen” on an interview on BBC that got people lashing her to being praised by many for her gangatua backside before the likes of Hajia Bintu and co and now she claims to be a born again christian and has given her life to Christ.

After her turn-over to christ, reports have it that Moesha is now preaching on the streets of Accra and said to have been ordering uber rides because she had allegedly gifted her car(s) to unidentified personnel. Not long ago, there were rumors that Moesha Budoung nearly killed herself if not the intervention of other people around her and this brings us to main topic for this article.

When her attempted suicide hit the internet, many people shared their comments and some said she should be placed under a watchful eye. Among these people is Adu Safowaah. Adu Safowaah shared on her Instagram post that fans should pray for Moesha and cautioned people close to her to keep an eye on her or else may hear and see the undesired. Why is or did she say this?

Adu safowaah further on explained that, long time ago, moesha had an encounter with one business tycoon and that man was not a human being. He was a spirit who changed or took her live soul and replaced it with a dead one. She said it was not moesha’s fault has she knew nothing about the man and that is the reason why moesha is acting all strange with her life.

This revelation was made as said earlier on her(adu Safowaah’s) Instagram page and below is a glance of it.This was brought to you by the Realnews_around, thank you.

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Adu Safowaah Moesha Budoung


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