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Kwame Oboadie of Adom TV forces Musician Yaw Berk to apologise to his boss Kaywa on live TV show.

The Sunday night show After-hours saw musicians like Dada Hafco being interviewed as well as Yaw Berk who disclosed what actually happened between himself and his former boss, Kaywa.

He said that, everything that happened was backed by some giant in the music industry who wanted to snatch him from his former boss Kaywa.

He genuinely can be seen how he has regreted his actions.

Kwame Oboadie then asked if he would want to apologise to his boss. He immediately said yes to it and did the needful.

Through his apology, he asked for a reunion with his former boss and that it was some Giants who were pushing him to do whatever he did.

"To my God father, Kaywa, this is your boy Yaw Berk. I am using this great opportunity to apologise to you on what happened, I am very sorry for everything"

Should Kaywa forgive his boy and take him back after all that he did?

Is apologising through the television good enough to be accepted?

Please let hear your opinion.

Thank you.

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