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‘We don’t accept this type of dance here’ – Paramount Chief fumes at dancers who portrayed twerking

Togbe Tepreh Hodo IV, the most under of Anfoega traditional place, has in uncunceremoniously lipped a coll collection officers from portraying the 'borborbor' dance in indecently a way of life of the Ewes in the heart of the Volta area, the dance is an extinguished function at every public hearing.

  • Having been completed since time immemorial, it isn't best pleasant for humans, it is seen as a tradition that has been passed down from one technology to the next.

According to The Spectator's account of events, the group of young dancers puts on their best twerking show, moving to the rhythm of the drums and good tunes. Even though the MC signaled them to stop because the elders were dissatisfied with the seductive dance of the ladies in the choreography, the dancers defied the orders and continued the performance. This prompted the paramount chief to intervene and order the dancers to leave.

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