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Hot news: Who is she? Ghanaians react to the new "Jackie Mensah" of Tiktok that men cannot resist

Ghana is gaining a lot of heights oflate on social media ie, facebook, instagram and especially when it comes to tiktok. Jackie Mensah is recognised as one of the biggest tiktok users on the app who has garnered over 600k plus followers. Same goes to Kofori's daughter Asantewaa with over 400k followers too. Ghanaians are becoming a lityle bit surprised as an SHS final year student is causing a lot of stir online with her recent looks that men cannot resist.

She is a new social media sensation user and has popped up online causing Ghanaians not to stop admiring her talent and beauty. Who is she, many people asked as her videos and social media handles are gaining many followers.

vA viral video of her popped up online dancing to a tiktok song and Ghanaian men cannot hold it but admire her beauty and talent. Please, if you know her, let us know in the comment section down below.

Many people have tried reaching her handles but cannot find her. If you truly know her handles kindly drop it down in the comment section down below.

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