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The Golden Globe Awards Scandal

The Globe semi-virtual awards, first of its kind, which took place yesterday has got a lot of people wondering how the Netflix series, Emily in Paris, got nominated for the golden globe. Well, it seems the cat is out of the bag now. They bribed them.

The creators of Emily in Paris paid for 30 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press (a non-profit organization of media people who conduct the golden globe and honors notable examples of film and television and achievements in entertainment business) to go to Paris, to stay in a five-star hotel. They were treated like kings and queens. The Hollywood Foreign Press blew it. If they’re going to take bribes, fine. That is the world we a living in. But you have to, at least, keep yourself covered. You have to nominate shows that people are not going to be like, “why is that show nominated?”

This was 30 people. They had to make a pact about not telling a single soul and now it’s out in the open. Now the world knows that award shows are all fake now because they are all being bribed. But where’s the line? Where’s the integrity? Where’s the morals? None, apparently.

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