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"We pray you fail with this kind of attitude". Netizens blast the guy who ate raw chicken

Life has never been easy and in our quest to avoid the complicated side of life, we tend to find jobs which will help us alleviate the burden life tries to put on our shoulders.

The search of money has got men doing diverse jobs and upon analyzing it carefully, you do realize that some people if not for money wouldn't have done the jobs they are currently doing but such is life, you are to put your body into action or starve.

This article is going to see me talk about a certain young man who has been trending for the wrong reason on the social media. He is a young and upcoming content creator and like content creators do, they bring out funny creations which will make their followers happy.

Unlike the other content creators, this guy decided to carve his own path. He decided to do something extra ordinary and unique but it turned out being a disgrace. There is nothing wrong with being unique but his own called for the wrong vibes.

I wonder what is really wrong with this guy. Being funny must never be compulsory, why would he go to the extent of breaking out disgusting contents just because he wants to be recognized in the country as a content creator?

Well, you might not know what I am talking about but you will get to understand me when I show you what he did. A Twitter user known as Sika Official posted a video of this guy and his caption even tells you that what this guy did was way too bad.

In the video, you could see that he was busily feasting on an uncooked chicken meat. He had equated himself to a carnivore and didn't care about the consequences he was likely to face after shooting the video. He would do anything to chase clout even if he was going to fall sick at the end.

The joy on his face during that particular activity was so extreme to the extent that one would think it is normal eating such a meat. He really made an unhealthy thing look like it was healthy, sigh.

Netizens after seeing this disgusting video moved to him and they really did him dirty with their words. Why would you risk your health for the sake of likes and comments? What was he even trying to communicate to the young and upcoming content creators? Was he even okay?

Many people are condemning his acts and it seems all the comments landing on the post took the negative path. Many people claim he is never going to make it with this kind of content. They are praying he fails if this is what he thinks will make him be recognized in the country.

You can let me know what you think about this in the comment section. Was what he did right? Would you do anything to gain attention even if you stand at a risk of getting sick at the end of it all?

Kindly let me know what you think about this. Have a nice day

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