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Chandra Nandini written update for Januray 4Th-5Th 2021(Monday &Tuesday)




Nandini in her room,drop the curtains and is pain and then thinks about moras words, Chandra walks in and says see I’m very tired and don’t expect me to look after binudsara I’m very sleepy let me talk to bindusara and ask him if he has problem if I sleep,where is he,Nandini says he will sleep with rajmata,Chandra says nice opportunity,let’s use this time,let’s play,Nandini says but you were sleepy and tried,Chandra says now I’m not,Nandini says but I’m very sleepy and tired,Chandra thinks stop her and you have to tell about how you feel about her.

Pandugan walks in and says narrate me a story and also I missed you today all day,Chandra thinks this was only thing remaining, I guess in my life I will never have the opportunity to spend quality time with

her,Nandini says I will come to your room and then narrate,pandugan says no I shall sleep with Chandra,Chandra says it’s fine,Nandini says okay once upon a time,pandugan says tell me about today,let me tell you,there was a big mahal like us and beautiful queen like Nandini and pandugan narrates today’s episode inform of story of how bindusara was in danger and then says how was it, actually this isn’t a story this happened in mahal,someone took binudsara away,Chandra says what I have to talk to acharya,pandugan says Nandini your turn,Nandini says not now,Chandra I shall go look after bindusara,pandugan thinks this will soon turn to a truth and i kill your son and you and Magad will be mine Chandra.

Pandugan with a toy and looks at mora walking in corridor and remembers how Chandra killed his father and brothers and gets very angry and throws the toy at mora,she dodges it,pandugan starts dancing mora saved oh no I wanted to harm her,Mora says son this isn’t good,anyone could be hurt,pandugan says but mora didn’t get hurt I know my father killed your husband and now I will kill you,mora says pandugan behave yourself,stop this madness,pandugan says you mad your husband mad,I know my father killed your husband and behead him and tied his head in mahal mora gets angry and slaps him,Nandini sees this and says don’t worry she didn’t meant to and says ma why did you do this he isn’t in senses, mora says he questioned my principles and made fun of my dead husband,Nandini says ma ,bhaiya isn’t in senses and I’m sorry on his behalf ,mora says I’m rajmata and I won’t tolerate anything against my husband and it’s unsafe to leave him alone,lock him in some room if you are so worried about him,pandugan says no locking,Nandini says ma please,mora says he is just the son of Nand who had torchered and harassed me and

never ever respected women,Nandini says and ma even I’m nands daughter,do you hate me too,please say something,pandugan sees Chandra and runs to him and says she slapped me bad mora punish her.

Chandra walks to mora and says ma why did you do this,mora says yes I did and I don’t regret it, if anyone misbehaves he has to go through this,and how could you forget your mothers tears,those old memories still prick me like thrones and so it’s tough to deal with all this.

Nandini in tears,Chandra says calm down,ma was angry,Nandini says Chandra I’m upset because pandugan bhaiya he said so many bad things it was ma so she took it lightly and if it was someone else and they behaved other way,let’s send bhaiya somewhere else,Chandra says Nandini he needs you,your love,and I promise I will take care of him.

Helina says dasi this is special alcohol to maharaj and get in when I ask you too,he will be very happy.Chandra says Nandini you are my friend and as promised I will take care of him now and even later,no one in mahal and outside will harm him i will fight for him,as promised I shall do this,Helina listens to all this and says if this happens Nandini and Chandra will be back to get and now I shall inform ma about this.

Chandra says Nandini stop crying, I can’t see you cry,my heart stops beating and there’s weird feeling,Nandini asks what happens,Chandra says I can’t explain,now wipe your tears,Chandra looks at her and thinks I can never see you in tears,dasi walks in and says acharya is waiting for you in Sabha and leaves,Chandra says I shall come,Nandini asks first tell me what happens,Chandra says I shall tell tonight.

Apma says really a promise,Helina says now Nandini will be back with Chandra and soon the patrani and she forgot about the lover too,Apma starts laughing,Helina says ma what,Apma says you laugh too,may be then dust in your Brain goes, this is the best news,see why does no one know about it,Helina says because Chandra told Nandini in their room,Apma says the fun begins now,no one in mahal knows about this,the difference between Chandra and mora will be widened because of Nandini,Chanakya wants to kill pandugan and mora hates him and Chandra promised to save him and now when Chandra will break his acharyas oath the whole mahal will be in mess and all because of Nandini,the mahal will be in two parts fighting and accusations and Nandini will be the reason.

Chandra was informed about the retailers,Chandra says as acharya finds good,Chanakya says okay mantriji call them tomorrow and later asks why were you so absent,Chandra says acharya ma and Nandini,their difference is widening day by day,Chanakya says never fall into women matters, they will find a way themselves,but we have a bigger problem,there’s someone in mahal behind bindusara and always attacks him,even yesterday this happened and it was good I sensed it and made plans beforehand,Chandra says yes pandugan told me some medicines from your room were stolen and used it to divert the soldiers,Chanakya says but I didn’t put the matter in front of anyone that medicines from my room are lost,is he the one,Chandra says not possible,Chanakya says find it from him and make sure he shouldn’t find it,be careful.

Apma tells Malayketu about the promise Chandra gave to save pandugan and says now you just use this information to create differences between Chanakya and Chandra,do as I say , Malayketu says soon your work will be done,

Chandra whispers Nandini,Nandini asks why are you whispering,Chandra says bindusara is Asleep right,Nandini says no he is with ma,Chandra says but you can’t sleep when he isn’t around,Nandini says it’s fine I will manage,Chandra says let me get him,Nandini says Chandra I said it’s ok,Chandra says did ma something,Nandini says no no let him stay with her,she is his grandmother and needs her love too.

Pandugan thinks now I have no weapon hidden,in toys because of Chanakya now this last toy has a pointer and I will use it,and says look my horse won,Chandra

remembers Chanakya asked him to inspect pandugan and asks pandugan can you narrate the story again I liked it a lot,give me my toy now,Chandra says first story,pandugan says Acharya Chanakya told me story now give me toy, Chandra says only when you narrate me the story,pandugan narrates the story and says so that attacker when to acharyas room and stole medicines.chandra says did Acharya tell you this as well,pandugan thinks so this is the trick I have to somehow get rid of it.

Pandugan says no no I saw it some man stole that medicine from acharyas room,I don’t want that toy and runs away,Nandini says Chandra why Did you,let me go give him this toy, Chandra says pandugan saw it he isn’t involved,Acharya was suspicious because he is worried.

Nandini says bhaiya look your toy and come let me narrate you the story,pandugan says tomorrow now i will play,Nandini says okay but sleep on time,a man as soon as Nandini leaves attacks pandugan,its Malayketu,pandugan sees him, dasi doesn’t see Malayketu but sees pandugan being attacked and rushes to Chandra and Nandini and informs them.

Chandra says acharya who it is who is always behind our family even with this amount of security he can dare do this,Chanakya looks at Malayketu says yes this is surely someone from mahal or someone who acts as our own but helping enemy.

Mora says who it must be and who would advantage pandugans death,Chanakya says I think the same and Chandra we need to arrange a Sabha quickly.

Chandra thinks I will find that man who is behind my family,Nandini Walks in tears,Chandra asks how he is,Nandini says he is on painkillers and so asleep,Nandini says bhaiya was favourite amongst all us siblings, I always tied him rakhi first but now I can’t help him get rid of his pain,Chandra hugs Nandini,Chandra says I will always be with you,your friend will always be with you,Nandini says I want something from maharaj,Chandra says you are queen tell me,Nandini says send him away I can’t see him in pain,Chandra says Nandini again,I promised,Nandini says I agree but it’s a sisters request please send him away I can stay without him but not see him in pain,Chandra says I’m sorry I can’t do this,but I can do something that will relieve you.

Malayketu walks to Apma,Apma says I have told you never come meet me,Malayketu says I wanted to celebrate and shows her bottle of alcohol,Apma says I shouldn’t have got you back in mahal,Malayketu says I made you such big work,smile at times and thankme,Apma says Chandra is very smart and surely behind the culprit who attacked pandugan and with Chanakyas brains it’s difficult to get rid,but for now I hope you haven’t left any clues,and if you have and someone points at me I won’t leave you,Malayketu remembers pandugan seeing him and leaves.

Chandra says acharya in this Sabha its very serious discussion,today with pandugans attack,the security is again questionable,and the person who it is,listen to me,I have promised pandugan and he is my family and no one can harm him and attacking him is like attacking me and he will be sentenced to death,Chanakya says don’t worry until pandugan gets well no one will harm him,Chandra says I meant even after he gets well I won’t let anyone harm him,Chanakya says so maharaj has become so big hearted that he forgot his guru and his oath,you have diverted from your aim Chandra.

Chandra walks to Chanakya and says acharya you are a father figure to me but I’m sorry I have promised Nandini and a king never turns from his promise,Chanakya says for a king his country is first,I had no hatred with Nand but the fact that his thinking was a hurdle in the growth of Magad,and so I want to finish Nand and family,I’m killing the thought process,Chandra says he has no senses,try and forgive him,Chanakya says I can see the weakness in you Chandra which I had never,Chandra says what’s wrong with it and whatever may be the weakness, you will have to kill me before pandugan,Chanakya says is this your last take,Chandra says unfortunately yes,mora says Chandra says he is that persons son who had trapped your mother, killed your father,Chandra says ma pandugan has to do nothing with it.

Mora says you are doing all this because of Nandini,Chandra says keep her away,she she has nothing to do with just following acharyas principles,Chanakya says then you stand by your promise and me by my oath,I shall finish pandugan,kartikeya let’s leave,I resign by the post,here a gurus oath isn’t respected but a wives promise matters most.

Mora stops Chanakya and says Chandra has done this undear emotion,please stop,not just Nand family end but also the development of Magad is your dream.

Nandini says Chandra ,acharya can’t leave,Magad and everyone here needs him,if my promise is the problem take it back,Chandra says it’s his decision and my promise wasn’t one by a husband but by a king,and it’s a kings duty to guard and serve everyone who asks for help.

Chanakya says sorry rajmata I can’t stay here and break my oath,and I have to leave for my oath,our paths are no longer same and so it’s impossible to stay,allow me and Chanakya leaves. Nandini as Chandra stop him,Chandra says I didn’t ask him to leave,he is just emotion,let him be alone and he will be fine.chandra and Nandini in

balcony and Chanakya sees them while leaving and remembers the day he met Chandra and every teaching he has given him,Chanakyas eyes are filled with anger.

Apma says Helina this is a big game,Chandra choose Nandini and not Chanakya ,now it’s his turn to choose between Mora and Nandini,and with this decision the Mahal will be on fire and Chandra will be just yours. Nandini says Chaya I think you should right to malayketus mother and ask how she is,mora says sure she should so that you can misuse the letter and throw someone out of this mahal,you played a big game you did the impossible, you made chanakaya acharya leave mahal and created differences between Chandra and Chanakya ,who is your next target,do you want all of us to leave,we will,my son isn’t mine anymore,at least may be when we will leave,I don’t have to argue with my son,Nandini in tears and says ma please why would I do this ,mora says stop calling me ma,and stay away from my family this throne will be yours but keep my family away.

Nandini helps pandugan bandage and he wraps all the bandage around himself,Nandini smiles and says let me get you out,pandugan says look I look like that attacker I had seen him,Nandini says so will you recognise him,pandugan says yes I will.

Chandra in Sabha says I said I shall punish the person who attacked pandugan,I didn’t knew who it was but luckily,pandugan had seen his face so now justice shall happen,pandugan I shall punish the person,don’t worry I’m with you,tell me who it is amongst all of them,pandugan points at Malayketu and says he attacked me.malayketu says he is lying,Chaya trust me I didn’t,Chandra says are you sure did he attack you,pandugan walks to Malayketu and says no it isn’t him,all take a breath of relief,and walks to Madhav and says he attacked me,Madhav says what I didn’t bhaiya,Nandini says bhaiya look carefully and tell us,pandugan acts as if he is confused and points at everyone and says look pandugan made fool of you.

Mora says look Chandra pandugan made fun of you,he pointed at your family, and you trust this mad person and not us,Chandra says ma,mora says enough,Nandini says ma this is my mistake,Chandra isn’t at fault I should have first confirmed the news and then informed Chandra,mora angry and leaves.

Nandini says Chaya please try and understand ,Chaya says I know your true face now and walks away. Malayketu walks to a secret place and pandugan puts knife on his neck and starts laughing and says don’t worry I’m not here to kill you,this is what you feel when someone back stabs,Malayketu says you taking this wrong,I didn’t want to kill you,Chandra and Chanakya had doubts on you,that you have hands in bindusara kidnap and now look with this one game,we have diverted Chandras attention from you,and also our biggest hurdle Chanakya is out of mahal,and remember Apma and Helina shouldn’t know you and me are together,pandugan says you are right we have one aim Chandragupta and his families death.

malayketu says some time more and soon our aim will be in Magad,and the situation will be in my hand,pandugan says Chandra will die but by my hands unlike you who needs a women’s help to enter Magad,and remember if you taking yourself as a king of Magad forget it it’s just me,malayketu says then who will be a king a mad man who ran away from mental hospital,and how dare you challenge me now let’s me see how you succeed my next game will be a special one and leaves.

Nandini says Chandra come let’s talk to ma,Chandra says and completes Nandinis sentence : all happened because of you,ma is upset you have to do something right,Nandini says but this issue is very delicate,Chandra say see sit down,you didn’t do this on purpose,since you were worried about pandugan you were worried and just informed me and Chandra consoles Nandini and one by one removes Nandinis Jewellery,and says Nandini even I should have acted thoughtfully but reacted quickly when you told me about the attacker news,so clam down.

Chandra says if we go to ma now,she would be more upset,so let her take her time and clam down,let time console her and you are her daughter,you love her,and everyone loves you, you love everyone and you love Helina as well,Nandini asks don’t I love anyone else,Chandra gets close to Nandini,and both feel each other,Chandra says yes dadi ma you love her too,Nandini asks what,Chandra says so you don’t love her,Nandini says no I love her but can’t I love someone else,Chandra says yes the dasi who gets you food,you love her a lot,Nandini says isn’t anyone else I can love,Chandra says yes say it who else.

Nandini says yes my friend and he told me some questions shouldn’t be answered but felt and understood, I’m very sleepy good night and drops the curtain,Chandra thinks,you look so beautiful even without jewellery just like a painting, you are not just beautiful by looks but also by heart so why won’t anyone love you.


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