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Is The Money Needed For Poloo To Chill In Jail? - Ghanaians Ask and Bash DKB

The issue of Akuapem Poloo has been subject matter on various social media platforms. After Poloo's sentencing, those worried about the welfare of her child thus started supporting the little they can through donations.

However, it has come to the notice of Ghanaians that one personality in Ghana is making unnecessary requests using the plight of Akuapem to his advantage.

DKB, a well-known comedian and close friend to Akuapem Poloo took to his handle to post a flyer that was soliciting donations to help both Poloo and her son. Many Ghanaians didn't take a liking to this initiative as they bashed him.

Per the opinions of Ghanaians, it was very unnecessary as Poloo was already financially stable. She had worked as a brand ambassador for a cosmetic company and had several social media influencing gigs. After her arrest, affluent celebrities in Ghana also took to provide her large sums of money as support.

So all these factors came to play to enrage Ghanaians as they saw the initiative as an attempt for some people to skim more money from the young lady's plight.

Ghanaians had the following comments:

One user comments that several people are in life threatening situations and in dire need of just small amounts however they are not getting it. However, Poloo rather who is well off needs the money for what exactly? The user then adds that if she truly needs money that bad, one of her cars can be liquidated and used.

Another user asked what would she be using the money for? To Sponsor or chill during her jail term?

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