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Video: Nana Akua's Daughter Ohema Dokua Tells Her Own Version Of Jesus And Mary Story

Nana Akua Addo is a proud mother of two beautiful and adorable children. Nana as we all know is an actress, entrepreneur, brand Influencer, a model and fashion icon. When you speak of Ghana fashion and red carpet icons, her name must be at the top of the list.

She is leading her beautiful children to follow in her footsteps. She posts pictures of them slaying together in gorgeous outfits like the one below;

Today, as she always does, she posted a video of one of her daughters, Ohema Dokua telling the story of Jesus Christ in a very funny way. Watching her was pure joy, because she was confident her story is the best.

I will post the video link, but let me share a bit of what I heard her say in the video, please I will be quoting her:

"Once upon a time, I am going to tell the story of Mary, Jesus and the baby. Mary said to Jesus she wish she has a child, Jesus told Mary she will have a baby. One day it came to pass. Mary said it will be a girl, but Jesus said it will be a boy. The baby was kicking slowly. Mary gave birth and it was a girl...."

Some shots from the video:

This got her mother laughing. She complained in the comment section how she had told this Jesus story over and over again, but she don't know where Ohema got this version from;

Her innocence and beauty is everything. Kindly watch the video below;

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