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Date Rush - Grandpa Look Matured Enough In Body Size But Not In Mind. Just Figure Out Why.

Gradually gradually the season 5 of the date Rush show is automatically coming to an end.

There have been a lot of back lashes here and there as sometimes some of the contestants who appear on the show to look for love are all glowed outwardly but mentally not matured enough.

Grandpa is one of the abled young gentlemen who went on the show to find love - and which of course he had a date with one beautiful young lady Susana.

Yesterday on the date rush reunion show Grandpa actually proved to the whole world that he's indeed not matured enough to go on a date with a lady.

The reason is that whenever it's his turn to speak then boom trash comes out of his mouth which eventually caused his date Susana to cry uncontrollably on the live program.

The born of the contention between Grandpa and his date is that Grandpa wanted to have sexual intercourse with his date shortly after picking her up on show.

Then secondly Grandpa granted an interview to pin point some awful revelations about his date Susana publicly.

In the interview Grandpa disclosed that Susana his date has piercing all over her body and also he happened to do a video call with her and guess what she was eating four balls of Accra kenkey.

It is very disheartening for a caliber of a grown up man like Grandpa to have ever granted an interview to say all what he said about his date just to trend on social media and also for followings.

In fact the lovers of the date Rush show really got pissed off upon hearing such news about Grandpa - which of course rendered him loosed respect on the show yesterday.

On a more serious note the producers of the date Rush show should actually do a thorough background check on some of the contestants they usher on the show inorder not to tarnish the image of the show on next season.

This is because some of the people who mount on the date Rush show only want the fame part of the show and not to look for love genuinely.

Finally Grandpa got the shock of his life on the date Rush Reunion show yesterday as his date Susana disclosed to him that she was actually seeing someone.

Grandpa really got to stop acting childishly and grow up in mind to complement his body stature.

Content created and supplied by: Scarletbuggarti (via Opera News )

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