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How Chacha lost her opportunity to date Corey: Was it stage fright or something else?

Date Rush is always a delight to watch. The eleventh episode of Date Rush's season 7 has created so much excitement in the minds of the viewers.

However, one incident that added some interesting moment was when Chacha qualified to be among the last two contestants to be chosen by Corey. This was an opportunity that could have easily made Chacha the date and who knows, something good could have come out of that. Even though it is said that all things happen for the good of those who trust in God, there are still lessons to be learned from the whole incident.

Corey had explained that he hailed from Atlanta - Georgia and had parted ways with his partner. He explained that he is a father of one and hopes to grab on the show.

It was not surprising that Corey did not waste time making decisions on the show. This is because he knew what he wanted. When the time came for him to choose his date, he asked what the two finalists aspired to do in the future. One would have expected the two ladies to have thought about some of these likely questions even before they came to the show.

Whilst Gillian said she wants to keep her family and own a business, the response from Chacha was not witty. She explained that she wanted to become a bodyguard for a President. This was a complete turn-off for Corey as he realized the shortsightedness of the response. Chacha was easily rejected by Corey.

Was Chacha's disgusting response a result of the stage fright or something else?

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It seems her response could be a result of her unpreparedness for an opportunity to grab. The lesson from this is that singles always ought to study to show themselves approved. It is always good for the youth to learn from their role models whilst they ask as many questions in order not to disgrace themselves when the right opportunities arrive.

Do you think Chacha intentionally gave a bad response? Do you think Corey should have chosen Chacha despite her unappealing reply? What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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