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Shemima drops fresh secrets about her relationship with Ali

Shemima and Ali of Date Rush fame have began their journey to know much about each other. However, it looks like things are not moving on well as one will expect from the most celebrated Date Rush duo.

The two "lovers" have shared some secrets about their relationship so far in an interview aired on TV3 last night.

According to Shemima, she has visited Ali in his house and was happy to meet his parents. She revealed that Ali's parents gave her a warm welcome and have since being asking about her from their son, Ali.

Judging from the interview, it is clear Shemima is more into Ali. "I love him. Ali is my King and I want to be his Queen in the future", she declared.

She also revealed that Ali was avoiding her calls sometimes in the begining. She said love does not depend on looks so she is hoping things would work out well between the two.

However, the demeanor of Ali in the interview suggests that he is not all that into the heavily endowed beautiful lady. On his part, Ali conceded that Shemima has been the one doing most of the calling.

But let's look at this in a broader perspective. In a relationship, who is supposed to do the calling more? The guy or the lady?

Well, there are varied contestable opinions on this topic. But you will agree with me that in the beginning most relationships, guys tend to do the calling more, especially where they want to win the heart of the lady and prove to her what they are capable of doing. Will Ali's relationship with Shemima ends in tear? You guess is as good as mine

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