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Remember Popular American Actress Who Almost Lost Her Life to Plastic Surgery? See Her Recent Photos

Women are so addicted to beautifying their bodies that they will go to any length to make sure they look beautiful. Although there is nothing wrong with making sure you look beautiful with the help of makeup and other beauty enhancing products, some women can go to extra lengths to enhance their beauty and sometimes it does not work out well for them.

Going through plastic surgery is gradually becoming the tradition of our women. They do this to change their shape whenever they feel like it. Some even go to the extent of having facial surgery to change their looks just to look more attractive.


Heidi Montag is a popular American actress who almost lost her life when she decided to undergo ten surgeries in one day after she got married to her husband in 2008. She claimed not to be satisfied with the whole appearance of her body, so she made the bold decision to undergo a series of risky surgeries just to change her appearance.

Her appearance after the surgery:

Heidi Montag is a reality TV star on MTV. She took up the role in 2005 because of her close relationship with Lauren Conrad, who is a fellow MTV reality TV star. She had to travel to her parent's home in California to undergo several surgeries that changed the structure of her body. She underwent nose surgery to modify her nose, fat injections in her face, and she also underwent surgery to modify her front side, chin reduction, backside modification, and a host of others all in one day.

Her recent pictures after she removed all the plastics in her body:

Amazingly, the beautiful actress said she almost lost her life after she remained unconscious for some time and her husband thought she was dead before she finally woke up again. However, she had to remove all the implants in her body because she was not feeling comfortable and she could not bear to carry the weight of the plastic procedures in her body.

Do you think it's good to do plastic surgeries? Let's hear your own opinion.

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