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Sad: Do You Know Talented And Rich Kiki Gyan Of Osibisa Fame? His Life And How He Died Sorrowfully

Does a combination of lifestyle pressures and personality,as reflected in genre, lead to the early death of popular musicians? Results showed that popular musicians have shortened life expectancy compared with comparable general populations. Results showed excess mortality from violent deaths (suicide, homicide, accidental death,including vehicular deaths and drug overdoses) and liver disease for each age group studied compared with population mortality patterns.

Kiki Gyan, one of the world most talented and child prodigy pianists (who once ranked the 8th best pianist in the world), Afro-funk artist and a member of the record-breaking London-based Afro-pop group, Osibisa sandwiched between two vocalists on his 1979 floor filler “24 Hours In A Disco” album/LP. Circa 1979.

Kiki Gyan (7 June 1957 – 10 June 2004) was arguably Ghana`s most naturally-gifted, hard-working and skillful keyboard player that ever walked on the surface of earth. This highly celebrated musician is one of the pioneers of the new sound -Afro-funk; a blend of highlife music with electronic funk and disco influences of the late 70s. His touch on the piano keys was almost divine like the fingers of Orpheus on the lyre during the quest for the Golden Fleece by Jason and his Argonauts.

Kiki`s slender long fingers naturally touched the black and white keys of the piano, and creatively the keys respond to the exact tune he wants to accompany the songs being played or about to start. He was a great phenomenon, no wonder at the apogee of his musical career he was ranked 8th amongst the best keyboard players in the world.

Apart from his extraordinarily ability as maestro on keyboard, Kiki was also a superb and refined vocalist-singer, accomplished songwriter, indomitable multi-instrumentalist and an astute records producer in his own right. He was through and through musical genius. His talent enabled him to play with the great London-based Afro-pop group, Osibisa in his teenage years in the 1970s. Kiki also recorded 3 album/LPs and produced a series of disco records.

His talent made it possible for him to cling a rare studio opportunity as session player and hung outs with the world`s great musicians such as Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) and Elton John. He once played for Queen Elizabeth II at The Buckingham Palace.

At the age of 18, Kiki was filthy rich- a millionaire musician plying his trade in U.K. Unfortunately, success would enter his head, rendered him an unrepentant drug addict who died as a pauper from an AIDS-related complications inside a church lavatory at Kokomlemle in Accra with paltry US70 cent in his pocket.

Kiki, a native Fante was born into a respectable middle-class family on 7th June, 1957 at Takoradi in the Western region of Ghana. He was named Kofi Kwarko Gyan by his African conscious parent who refused to adhere to the Sekondi-Takoradi Europeanized fervor for anglicizing everything from spoken Fante language to child-naming. However, as Fantes are noted for coining affectionate names out of existing names to pamper their children, his name Kofi Kwarko, with the initials K.K became his affectionate name.

The young Kiki Gyan had a privilege of attending Chapel Hill Preparatory School, arguably one of the best private basic schools in Takoradi. His talent emerged as a child in this school. Kiki`s parents owned a piano in their house which they used to entertain their children. At the age of 5, Kiki started playing as an amateur. As a talented and precocious child, Kiki mastered all the tricks and skills in piano playing. Thus, at the age of 12 whilst about to complete his basic school education was already a professional key-board player in his own right.

Kiki had wasted away after years of drug abuse. Keyboard player Kiki Djan, 47, was found dead in a toilet inside a church, with the equivalent of 70 US cents in his pocket. For a man who made more than $1m before the age of 18, had hung out with Elton John and Mick Jagger, played for Britain's queen and cruised on champagne-drenched luxury ocean-liners to island-hop in the Caribbean, it was a particularly ignominious way to cross life's finish line.

Gyan became rich at a very young age with a net worth of more than a million dollars. He met so many top personalities including Elton. He also had the opportunity to play for the Queen of Britain at the Buckingham Palace. He met other dignitaries at the All African gathering called FESTAC. In 1979 He left Osibisa with several others because they felt they was cheated . He recorded his hit single “24 Hours in a Disco”, which made a banger in the charts in the United States and the UK. He was then rated as the 8th keyboardist in the world.

He married to Fela Kuti’s first daughter for just a few years , before divorcing to marry a Ghanaian woman. After some few years later he associated himself with some bad gangs in the states.

Kiki then became addicted to hard drugs for years which destroyed his career. He started hanging out with a lot of women and he got infected with HIV AIDS . He died helpless in a church bathroom in Ghana.

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