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Top Five Korean Drama Series You Should Be Watching Now!

Everyone wants to watch a show with lots of drama, - a wonderful or vivid story, cute faces, funny scenes, some fighting scenes or actions, romance, great cast and beautiful scenes. Korean series provides most of the above mentioned. I am a huge fan of Korean Culture and I would say, Korean Series are really amazing to watch! They really keep me busy, especially the long 59mins and 1 hour. Most of them I'll say they are mostly Romance. They are really cool!

Well if you're like me who likes this, much as watching Date Rush, then you'd probably be looking for some good recommendations. Don't worry I got you! Below I give you the Five Ten Best Korean Series Based on Viewers Rating and Popularity.


This top-5 list includes some of the best Korean dramas of all time according to viewership ratings and overall popularity.

  1. Descendants Of The Sun
  2. My Love From The Star/You Who Came from the Stars
  3. The Heirs
  4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  5. City Hunter


Below is the Summary and little Plot of the above mentioned.


This was first aired in 2016, comes with 16 episodes, Directed by: Lee Eung-bok and Baek Sang-hoon with subgenres - Romance, and action. "The series is rounded out by an awesome cast, nice music, a wonderful storyline, and great chemistry between the leads. It's safe to say that any K-drama fan is unlikely to come out disappointed." The story revolves around, a woman who leads a medical team to save the lives of special forces unit who carries a secret mission. They dealt with Life and Death, but, despite all these, they still seek love and heartbreaks.


This is packed with Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance and Comedy, so, if you are a fan of fantasy melodramas, you should definitely check this one out. First aired in 2013, with 21 Episodes. Directed by Jang Tae-yoo.  It tells the story of a centuries-old alien with superpowers. He is trapped on Earth and he is working as a university professor. All he can think of is how to get back home, but he changes his mind when he meets a popular actress. This series has believable and charismatic leads, an evil villain, romance, comedy, melodrama, and time-travel all blended together. So if you're a Sci-Fi lover like me you should definetly watch this!


Heirs tells the story of star-crossed lovers Kim Tan and Go Eun Sang. Kim Tan is the rich heir to the Empire Group. He comes to the U.S. to attend school. While living in the States, he meets Go Eun Sang, who came to the country with her sister with the hope of a better life. First aired also in 2013, with 20 episodes, directed by  Kang Shin-hyo and Boo Sung-chul. This is a full teen and Romance Subgenre.


Directed by Lee Hyung-min, first aired in 2017, with 16 episodes. This is where you'll see both action, comedy, romance, action and thriller. The story revolves around a strong heroine and an appreciative, dreamy hero. On the outside, the main character, Do Bong Soon seems to be small and fragile, but she is actually a woman with superior strength handed down to her from female members of her family. She wants to keep this secret, as she has fears of being considered a weirdo. So if you like, this kind of genres, Strong Woman Do Boong Soon should be your next watch!


Finally, If you're looking for an Action packed, Revenge and Romance Korean Series, you got City Hunter. Directed by Jin Hyuk in 2011. It comes with a full 20 episodes. This is a story about Lee Yoon Sung, a man whose only purpose in life is to get revenge on those who killed his father many years before. Yoon-Sung has been training for this vengeance since he was a child, and he distances himself from anyone who distracts him from his task. Despite his best efforts, he faces a tough challenge as he develops feelings for a woman he works with. I really love this twist of this series. So if you're a loyal fan of action packed drama series, City Hunter got you!

Here we are!

Those were the top 5 rating Korean Series - as you've seen in the list, there may be updates or additions to what I have already mentioned. With all that said I hope you've enjoyed this article much as I did. Thanks for reading! Please follow if you want more contents like this! Comment! I wanna hear your thoughts! Thanks!

By AkariKev

Content created and supplied by: AkariKev (via Opera News )

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