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Is she the most beautiful Ghanaian Policewoman at the moment?

This article takes us back to when a certain Ghanaian policewoman made the news. Her beauty took her places, the waves she made on the internet was very massive.

Interestingly, one would expect her decent job to take her to the world but it wasn't what made her go viral. Her curves are what heightened her existence to all parts of the country. Should I say she's now a celebrity policewoman?

She became popular over the internet after her pictures popped up sometime ago. On the lips of many Ghanaians was her name. The beautiful policewoman here, the gorgeous police woman there. Trust me, she's really good looking

This woman has it all. Her face is perfectly moulded that you wouldn't find any error over there.

Like a morning star, her beauty radiates but that is no news, many people are extremely beautiful just like her but they ain't going viral. This poses a question to us. What then made her go viral? What made her make the news?

What really made her go viral was her beautiful contours which were carved decently with the potter's clay. Even the goddess Aphrodite stands in awe of her beauty.

The upward and downward curves and bends encompassed within her is very massive such that it blows the internet whenever a picture of her pops up.

I remember the numerous funny comments people made the first time she got viral. Some men jokingly said they would make her arrest them over and over again just to witness her beauty manifest in their sight.

This Ghanaian policewoman is just beautiful!!!

Below are some pictures of her. Do take a look at them

These are pictures of her without a uniform

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