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Meet Arthur, the first 300 Spartan to appear on TV3's date rush.

Interestingly, episode 9 of TV3's date rush was hilarious and shocking at the same time. The ladies took over the stage, as Fatima made her way onto the stage with an epic entry with her dance moves. Episode 9 of the reality show saw the beautiful ladies mount the stage as two Gentlemen took turns by presenting themselves before the gorgeous ladies. 

Arthur, an auto mechanic and a dance hall artiste, made his way onto the stage by delivering a sublime dance hall performance to woo the ladies. Arthur, aka 300 Spartan, after his first profile video had a couple of the ladies rushes on, but after his second and third profile video, the mantle was handed over to him to draw the curtain down to two ladies. Fatima, who clearly showed interest in Mr 300 Spartan, delivered a short verse of dance hall music to woo Arthur. 

Interestingly, Fatima's performance worked, as Arthur left her and Maria's rushes on. Decision time was up, Arthur's question really posed a threat to Fatima, as she stated she'd even give up her school fees to support Arthur's dreams. However, Maria gave an honest reply, and ultimately she won Mr 300 Spartan's heart. It is only on date rush that viewers get the chance to see a "300 Spartan", it's hilarious right, but let's hope things work out between him and his newly found date, Maria. 

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