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HILARIOUS: Check Out Where This Alleged Couple Spent Their Honey That Is Causing Stirs Online

Mostly, couples will choose a beautiful and romantic place like a hotel or guest house to spend their honey moon. But this alleged couple has set social media 'ablaze' as they seems prefer muddy road to beautiful scenes. Looking at the picture below, it appears they are really enjoying their honey moon on the street. The marks on the road shows cars have been using the road but not often. Some Ghanaians said that, they just want to create a hilarious scene.

The man actually did carry his 'wife' as they take hilarious photos with the lady holding her bridal flowers. Very hilarious. Why take wedding photos in the middle of a muddy road whiles there are a lot of beautiful scene beside the road. some Ghanaians said that, these days because of social media fame, the youths are ready to do anything just to catch the attention of the public.

Are they trying to tell us that, they were actually sleeping in the middle of the road? That is a big lie. The guy was actually serving his 'wife' food in the middle of the road. Some Ghanaians after seeing this said that, maybe they just want to mock government for bad roads in their vicinity

Both of us can testify that, they are not actually having any honey moon but what do you think is the actual motive? Share your thought in the comment box below.

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