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Date Rush : King spoke wisdom but he is skinny and will waste 100k on setting up fast food - Mariam

The sensational host, Giovanni made the date Rush valentine edition show a nice one and the Co-host Anita, was just splendid. Anita's outfit for the night was so awesome.

Giovanni said King George looks like King Promise and King George agreed to that.

When King George was asked to introduce himself, he mentioned that he is an Akwapim and a musician who seeks to become the best in Africa.

Despite the potentials of King George, the ladies on date Rush kept giving poor remarks. For example, Sophia said that King George Asare Sakyi is a nice guy but he is not his spec.

Another lady said King George's height is a turn off.

And another lady on the show said that King George's skinny body makes him so unattractive for her. All date Rush ladies seem to create some drama irrespective of their own body stature.

The first guy, Daniel, went home with Doreen in a happy mood. We hope that they enjoy all they have to enjoy. My candid advice is that they should be chaste and learn from each whilst they correct each other in love.

Date Rush is always full of unexpected remarks.

All Date Rush ladies prove very hard to get till it becomes critical before they humble themselves.

Mariam said King George spoke wisdom but he is too skinny with a bad business idea because it is not reasonable to spend 100,000ghs on establishing a fast food business.

King George's friends revealed that he does not like too much outing and clubbing and King George also admitted that.

King George's date, Spendylove also said, I am a video vixen and most men are not cool with my work. Can you date me?

King George said, as soon as he saw Spendylove, he knew that she was for him.

My question is, what do these daterush ladies really seek. Do they want to marry or they are there for the fun of it. How can a lady reject a man because the man is too skinny and his height is a complete turn off. There are various flimsy excuses that these ladies come up with and the guys become so ashamed or psychologically down.

If you do not like a guy, do not look down on him or say I'll things about him.

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