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I just found out am married to my younger brother for over 15years

Marrying at the age of 25 years was my biggest accomplishment but little did I know that my dream will land me in abomination.

I meet this handsome guy in the Volta region, the moment we met we just clicked, I mean we got along very well that everyone thought we knew each other yet we didn't.

We started seeing each other frequently and one thing lead to another and we started dating, he was also 25 years of age just as I am on our 26 th birthday he proposed to me and within 3 month the marriage preparation was on going but what brought all this about was that my mother was not in Ghana during that time so as my daddy.

They sent some relatives to be in their place but my parents had history they only knew about during birth we were twins, not identical twins.

They gave my brother out for adoption to a particular family they knew very for whatever reason known to them, things got exposed when we visit them and the guy who's my biological brother told my parents about his family line.

We now have two kids and we don't know what to do about it.

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