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Is This A Nigerian Masquerade Or A Ghanaian Police Officer? (Pictures)

There has been this picture going around or circulating social media for sometime now and most people are confused if the personality in that picture is a Nigerian Masquerade, a Masquerade or a Ghanaian Police Officer or personnel.

This very picture was posted on a Facebook platform known as 'Tell it All' and the fans on this very interesting page could not hold their peace but went ahead and called it so many names and some even looked down upon the way the officer was dressed.

The picture was made up of a person wearing a Ghanaian Police uniform with so many things hanging his or her uniform and from his neck to his head has been covered with a black wrapper. His face cannot be seen and no one can vividly say he is truly a Policeman aside the fact that he was wearing a police uniform.

But from some of the Facebook fans perspectives they think or sees the picture as a masquerade other than a Police Officer. But anyways is this how Police officers in Ghana dress?

Below is the picture of the viral police officer or masquerade and that of a well dressed Police officer.

A well dressed Police officer

The Viral Picture of a police man


What do you think, is that a police officer or a masquerade?

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