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Kweku Chainz - It's Highest Stupidity For DKB To Mimick TT (Watch The Video)

Kweku Chainz, a popular comedian and social commentator who's viral video always get people laughing and thinking has asserted that it is the highest stupidity for DKB ( Derick Kobina Bonney) to mock Psalm Adjetefio (TT) by mimicking him.

In a video released on his official Facebook page, Kweku Chainz said, there is an adage that, where someone has fallen over a certain path, you shouldn't laugh if you are yet to cross that path.

He acknowledged that although TT has made a mistake and has become victim of attack on the various social media platforms, but it's the highest stupidity for DKB to mimick him.

"Yes is true that TT has collected huge sums of monies and he is still begging. You can comment and say whatever you want to him but to create a comedy content to mimick someone's predicament is nonsense." Kwaku Chainz said.

To try to make a content to trend with someone's predicament is absolute stupidity. He advised that we all should use Psalm Adjetefio's issue as a lesson, but we shouldn't forget that years to come, some people mocking him may also become victims themselves. Kweku Chainz emotionally said.

Below is the 8 minutes video. You may skip to 3: 42s or 5:57s. Click on this blue link to watch the video.

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